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Just a reminder...Colorado is so much closer to the sun than most locations. Colorado has so many outdoor sports and activities, where we need to remember to protect our skin. Remember, the sun is the #1 reason our skin ages, not to mention the risk of skin disease or cancer. Also remember, even on those cloudy or rainy days, there is still UV Rays making their way to your skin.

I see many client that say, "I don't spend anytime outside, as I'm in my office or car during the day." Something to think about....if you are near a window, or walking from your car to the office or house, you are still getting exposed to the UV Rays. I have seen many clients that have more wrinkles on the left side of their face than the right. The reason is, the driver's side window. Here is a link to a truck driver that displays how different the left side of his face is from the right side:

Please where you sunscreen everyday. I carry sunscreen from Dermalogica that fits your skin type. Please contact me to consult on which is best for you.

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