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Nano Needling

Transform your skin

Nano Needling/Nano Skin Refining uses a silicone tipped device to create nano-channels in the epidermis.  The treatment is gentle but effective, and dramatically helps to boost the absorption of active skin care products.  


The procedure exfoliates the skin, refining lines and wrinkles, scarring, hyper-pigmentations and other skin imperfections.  


Nano needling is gentle and safe, with zero down time and no pain.  It treats the epidermis, restoring that healthy glow back to the skin.


  • What is Nano Needling?  Nano needling treatment uses a hand held silicone tipped device to create nano-channels in the skin.  The nano channels increase transdermal delivery of active ingredients to effectively treat esthetic skin conditions.

  • Who is a good candidate?  Anyone that wants to improve skin irregularities, look younger, and get glowing healthy skin.

  • How many treatments do I need?  For optimal results, we recommend 8 treatments. The first four spaced 1-week apart, followed by the next four at 2-week intervals.

  • How much downtime will I experience?  There is no downtime after this treatment, just glowing skin.

  • When will I see results?  There will be a glow to the skin immediately after the procedure. Over the course of a series, a gradual improvement in the more pronounced skin conditions will be visible.

  • Is Nano Needling/Nano skin refining state?  Yes.  The nano chip is made of the highest purity (99.9999%) Mono Crystalline silicon.  It has excellent bio-compatibility with the skin.  The nano pins are so thin that they are able to perforate the top layer of the skin without damaging it.  The micro pores close in less than 15 minutes after the perforation, as the affected skin cells go though a natural healing process.

  • What does Nano Skin Refining feel like?  You will feel a light vibration but overall painless. No numbing cream is needed.

Nano Needling vs. Microneedling​

Nano Needling:

  • Esthetician approved

  • Cosmetic facial procedure

  • Treats in upper layers of epidermis

  • Transdermal delivery system

  • Nano channels for increase effectiveness of serums

  • No downtime or pain

  • Microscopic silicon needles 1/3 thickness of hair

  • Needle depth 0.15-0.25 mm


  • Medical procedure

  • Create micro-injuries for wound healing response

  • Treats through the epidermis down to deep dermis

  • Needle depth from 0.25 to 2.5mm

  • Needle size is 33 gauge

  • Numbing cream required

  • 12-48 hour downtime

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