“Lauraly Wax Studio & More, Inc. is a very professional and well-run Permanent Makeup Studio.  The facility is beautiful, the treatments are cutting-edge and she is extremely experienced and supportive. I highly recommend her!”


"Laura makes a slightly embarrassing procedure comfortable and the environment is relaxing and pleasing! I can not recommend her enough!!!"


“It takes a special place to not only establish long-term clients, but keep them happy and raving to friends and family. No matter what treatment you need, Lauraly Wax Studio & More, Inc. is the best.”


“I’ve been receiving treatments at Lauraly Wax Studio & More, Inc. for over a year and am extremely pleased with the results. Laurie is  not only knowledgeable, but also attentive and friendly. You will not be disappointed!”


"Lauraly was excellent! First time getting a Brazilian wax and I felt totally welcomed and comforted. She is honest, clean and helped me to understand after care."


"My brows have never looked so great! Laurie is a perfectionist in all the right ways. I started seeing her about a year ago and I've never been disappointed."


"I've been to see Laurie on multiple occasions and found it to be very relaxing, comfortable and beneficial.  She seems to just intuitively know what my skin needs."


"Laurie is phenomenal at waxing eyebrows!  She is very detail oriented and wants to make your brows look beautiful.  My brows have never looked better after going to Laurie, she's the expert."


"Laurie is the best of the best! Every time I get my brows done, I receive compliments on how good they look! She also give a Brazilian wax and Laurie is able to relax you and the waxing is not painful. Laurie is a perfectionist and if I could give her a higher rating I would!"


"Just went to Laurie for the first time for eyebrow shaping and tint. I was very satisfied and pre booked my next appts,
I highly recommend Laurie!"


"Laurie is just wonderful. She is kind, considerate, and careful. She wants you to look and feel your best. She takes care of my microderms and my eyebrows. I'm happy to have found her."



Laurie is exceptionally skilled and clearly shows that she enjoys her work.  She made me feel welcome, comfortable and did an expert job. Professional and friendly.  
I'll be back regularly for eyelash tint, brows and facials.  What a great find."​​


"So professional!  She really takes the time to listen to what your specific concerns and needs are.  Results were beyond expectations!"


"I cannot explain how happy I am to have found Laurie! I have been to a couple different waxing studios and she by far exceeds my expectations! Getting a Brazilian done can be very invasive and intimidating but she explained everything to me, like I had never had it done before and made me feel very comfortable like I was in the best hands possible  and very welcome! 

The procedure itself was the most painless one I have ever had, she used a cream wax which made a world of difference and oils as well. I have absolutely no ingrown hairs and no irritation. I honestly can't even tell I had it done, all I can feel is smoothness and very comfortable! 

I have already booked my next appointment with her and also a facial which I am looking forward to very much! I really highly recommend Laurie, she offers many other procedures and is very educated, she truly loves what she does, it is not a job to her but a passion!"


"Beautiful and comfortable atmosphere with high standards. She is very professional with a natural talent of knowing how to make you look and feel great!  Results are amazing...I am becoming a frequent client."


Shannon S.

Fantastic experience, first time ever that eyebrow and lip waxing didn't hurt. Got my first eyelash lift and tint, I LOVE IT!!! I definitely recommend

Very knowledgeable. She makes you very comfortable to ask questions if you’re not familiar or nervous about the process. I’d definitely go back.

Daria B.

Great experience!! Thanks so much!

Deirdre T.

Laurie is fun and knowledgeable!

Rebecca D.

She was able to get me in quickly. She was very nice and informative.

Bethany J.

Very personable and professional. The best part was there was no pain during the procedure and my skin didn't develop any irritation at all. She is great and I will be a return customer!

Jill J.

Very professional, speedy, clean!!

Amy H.

Service was great and she is very knowledgeable. Will definitely be using her long term.

Michelle F.

Through some curse of genetics, I was blessed with a ridiculously thick head of dark hair but very few eyebrows to match. I've spent many years trying to pencil or powder the brows on which usually barely lasts through the day and is ALWAYS uneven.  I also wear contacts so eye makeup is a nightmare. I learned about microblading not long ago and decided to give it a try. (I also noticed Lauraly provided a "lash lift" and the photos looked great, so I added that to my appointment)

Laurie (aka Laurie or Lauraly!) provided amazing service from start to finish. First, she responded to my request for an appointment via yelp in a matter of less than an hour. Then, she spoke with me at length the next morning about what to expect. She was able to fit me in just a few days later. Her studio is impeccably clean and beautiful and Laurie herself was incredibly welcoming, friendly and fun to chat with.

We did my lashes first (took about 45 minutes) and then my microblading. The lash lift was easy, its literally like a perm for your eyelashes followed by a tint. I love them!! They look like I just curled them and they are super dark! Goodbye mascaraand crap in my contacts!! After that, we did the microblading which took about 2 hours.

First, she drew my brows on with eye pencil to make sure I was ok with the size and shape. Then she put on a light lidicaine and let sit to numb. I found the feeling of actual microblading unlike anything I'd ever felt before; I guess if you want some indication as to how it might feel take a sewing needle and scratch it across your skin with maybe a pound of pressure and that is the experience. It wasn't horribly unpleasant but not super comfy either; as time went on I felt less. She checked in with me regularly on how I liked how they were coming along and if I saw areas that needed to be filled in. She also used measurement tools and photos to ensure absolute perfection. We also chatted the whole time so the 2 hours just flew by!

Its just the day after my appointment right now, and she warned me that the first few days after you look like "Groucho Marx" LOL; however I love the shape and I can see that when they are about 50% lighter (what you should expect them to fade to) I will find them perfect. So...if you  have plans to like get family photos or what have you you might want to hold off on the brows or reschedule. You also have to keep your brows (and in my case, lashes) dry for about a week so again...don't schedule a treatment right before your beach vacation or a marathon.

I'll post photos in a few weeks to show how they look, but so far, my experience has been amazing!

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